The change in the traditional ways of learning has brought with it a lot of advantages. Especially in this decade where technology has redefined some almost every way we handle our day to day business.

 Availability of Tutors

Geography is not a limitation for online tutors, and neither, generally, is time. If you have ever tried to deal with the restrictions of finding a tutor who is local, proficient in the subject you need help in, and can meet according to your schedule, you should be able to appreciate this immediately.  Once you remove the restrictions of geography, time zones, and commuting, finding the right tutor for your needs suddenly becomes a lot easier. 

Selection to Choose from 

The corollary of availability is selection.  Rather than praying to get lucky enough to find a single tutor who meets your criteria and can work with you, when searching for online tutors you are much more likely to have a selection to choose from, which allows you to be discriminating.  

Value In Terms of Selection

The corollary of selection is value.  Being able to discriminate means that tutors have to rely on merit rather than scarcity to win your business, and you do not have to settle for second or third rate.  It puts you in the driver’s seat when tutors have to compete for your business, rather than the other way around.

There is Convenience 

Add into the mix the convenience of being able to meet with a tutor without having to leave your house or your dorm room.  If you insist on having a face-to-face meeting with a tutor, then one of you is going to incur the expense of travel time and fuel costs, and unless you happen to find an exceptionally altruistic tutor, chances are it will be you.  In addition, leaving the house or having a visitor generally means you have to change out of your jammies.

Accessibility is Another Added Advantage of Online Tutoring

Convenience assumes that you have a choice, but what if you do not actually have any options for local tutoring. Moreover, for some making the decision to seek tutoring online may mean the difference between getting help and not.


Often people who have not experienced online tutoring fear that the technology will be a hindrance, but in many ways it is an advantage, especially for young people who are used to chatting on skype and not intimidated by new software.  

In conclusion one can say online tutoring is better than the traditional wsy of teaching cause of its availability,convinience and accessibility.